PrivacySafe: Privacy By Design

PrivacySafe Vision is an IoT storage appliance you can trust. It lives in your home or office, giving you the keys to your data. Back our campaign for early bird prices and discounts on our partners' products.

Product Preview

Whiteboard Overview

✅ Pocket-sized!

✅ Free and Open-Source Software and Open Hardware, so it can be completely audited for malicious code.
✅ Your files are encrypted locally, in your home or business, on hardware you can touch.
✅ Tor .onion addressing
✅ BTCPay Bitcoin payment processing.  Avoid payment fees, forever!
✅ Monero wallet on-board
✅ Malware protection with real-time virus scan, network, and bluetooth monitor

Say Hello to the Data Clip

When you order a PrivacySafe Vision, you get 120GB storage on a solid state drive. You also get the Data Clip, a one-of-a-kind accessory that is compatible with most external hard drives.  We're giving our users the option of attaching nearly any USB hard drive they desire.

You can easily slide in a drive under your PrivacySafe Vision and slide it out when you travel.  We're also working on other accessories to clip into the bottom of our case, such as a vertical "bookend" accessory and a Data Clip for multiple drives.


PrivacySafe has worked hard to bring our campaign backers the best possible value for their support.  If you buy either the Anti-Cloud Dev Kit or PrivacySafe Vision, you will get discounts from:

  • Wire- secure collaboration and audio/video chat

  • IVPN- top-notch VPN service

  • Mailfence- privacy-respecting e-mail and calendaring with support for encrypted e-mail

  • Lulzbot- the premier Libre Software and Open Hardware 3D printer company.

  • Nitrokey- we're making sure that Nitrokey's USB security tokens work well with PrivacySafe products.

  • Mikroe- Mikroe makes amazing "Click" boards that attach to PrivacySafe hardware.  If you're interested in IoT, smart sensors, and security, you'll want a Click board.

Looking for more information? Check out the Project FAQ.

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PrivacySafe Anti-Cloud Dev Kit
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PrivacySafe Vision